Paying a professional online doesn't have to be an issue. At Picklance we make payments easy, smooth and safe.

TRASST (TRAnsaction Safe System for Freelancers) is the way we manage the financial workflow between Clients and Freelancers when they interact on our platform. How does it work?

 TRASST payment1 
1 - Clients pay Picklance

  • Clients are requested to pay Picklance in advance the whole amount of the project agreed with their Freelancers. Clients’ money remains secure in a safe “frozen” status till the end of the project
  • Freelancers can start working on the projects safely once they are notified that the amount agreed on has been already made available on the platform by their Clients

 TRASST payment2 
2 - Clients and Freelancers work on the project

  • Clients can decide to release either the whole amount at the satisfactorily completion of the project or partial milestones (instalments) upon the completion of specific tasks any time during the project
  • Freelancers can focus on providing the best quality and delivering on time since they have the peace of the mind that the money has been paid by the Client. 

 TRASST payment3 
3 - Smooth exchange of payments and services

  • On completion of the project, Clients release the amount due to their Freelancers. If not satisfied or only partially satisfied with the quality delivered (and provide evidence of this) they can get a partial or full refund from Picklance
  • Freelancers get their payment “un-frozen” and ready to be withdrawn. They can choose when and what amount to withdraw from their account using one of our payment getaways services