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 how it works for talents 1 
1 - Describe your skills

We offer a wide range of areas and professional services. Make sure you don't exaggerate your expertise in your chosen field! Increase your chance to win a project by:

  • Uploading a good quality, professional looking photo of yourself
  • Completing and constantly updating your profile information
  • Posting a great portfolio
  • Making sure you are gettting good feedback for your projects

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2 - Win a project

Bid only on the projects aligned with your skills. This will increase your chances of getting the project and improve your credibility on the platform. During the negotiation:

  • Make sure you have carefully read and understood the requirements
  • Write a tailored application explaining why the buyer should hire you
  • Carefully pinpoint what exactely is explained in the scope
  • Query anything you're unsure of to better understand what is required before accepting a project

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3 - Work safely

  • When you have you been awarded a project, ask your Client to deposit the whole amount on our TRASST payment: in this way you are guaranteed that the project has been budgeted and you can start working safely.

  • Your money will be released to you at the end of the project. You can also agree in advance for intermediate milestones which can be released to you during the project upon completion of specific tasks.

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4 - Collaborate on Picklance

We won’t just provide selected Clients to work with: we will provide you with the most advanced project management and online collaboration tools to make easy and smooth managing your project online. On Picklance you can:

  • Brake down the project into sub-milestones and tasks
  • Align your Client when a task has been completed
  • Upload documents or visual mock-ups related to your project
  • Use our GANTT chart and calendar features to keep everything under control

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5 - Earn money and grow your business!

Reap the benefits of the freelance economy:

  • Flexible work and balanced lifestyle
  • Qualified Clients and challenging international projects
  • A satisfactory online collaboration experience
  • The peace of mind of safe transactions

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