Finding great freelancers for your projects at Picklance is easy and safe. And working together online is incredibly easy with our project management tools!

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1 - Post your project

Describe in detail:

  • What your requirements are
  • Your budget range and desired timeline
  • The skills that you are looking for in your freelancer
  • Any information which may be useful to better understand the work

We work hard to ensure you get free quotes from highly qualified professionals with the required skills. Our portfolio of freelancers covers a wide range of skills: from developing new websites to personal assistants, from management consulting services to writers and translators, from accounting to product design!

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2 - Choose your freelancer

Choose the candidate who best matches your requirement through analysing:

  • Their portfolio
  • Work experience
  • Social media profiles
  • Feedback received from other clients

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3 - Pay securely

  • Your freelancer can start working on the project immediately after you have deposited the correct amount though our TRASST payment service: we will take care of your money and we will pay your freelancer only when the project is completed and you are fully satisfied!
  • Problems during the project? Trust us! If you're not satisfied, we are here to help you and we're committed to fully refunding you through our TRASST payment service!

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4 - Collaborate on Picklance

We won’t just help you find great freelancers to work with: we will provide you with the most advanced project management and online collaboration tools to make managing your freelancers easy. On Picklance you can:

  • Break the project down into sub-milestones and tasks
  • Constantly track the progression of the projectt
  • Review documents or visual mock-ups related to your project
  • Use our GANTT chart and calendar features to keep everything under control

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5 - Enjoy the results!

Reap the benefits of the freelance economy with Picklance:

  • A job well done
  • No clients' fees
  • A wide pool of qualified freelancers at your fingertips
  • A smooth experience of collaborating online
  • The peace of mind of secure transactions

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